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"Thrilling...An example of how art can remake the world"
- John Lahr, The New Yorker

"Nine Parts of Desire surprises with an elaborate and well-considered design, gradually and compellingly revealed by LD Peter West in shafts and shimmers of light.....In concept, design, and execution, Nine Parts of Desire is one of the best plays of the year"
- Robert Cashill, Entertainment Design Magazine

India Awaiting Review "the brilliantly minimal set..an array of immense suspended frames stretched with fabric. Transformed from the warm saffron hues of New Delhi to stark SoHo white (the expressive lighting is by Peter West), these frames not only carry the audience along with Nikhil's consciousness but also suggest an underdeveloped theme: the flattened, constricted ways in which humans make sense of one another."
- Miriam Horne, New York Times 10/25/05

Galileo Review "Michael Donald Edwards's staging....is not a bare-bones antispectacle but a masterpiece of unified design in which Clint Ramos's modern-dress costumes, Dan Scully's ultracontemporary digital projections, Peter West's lighting and Fabian Obispo's minimalist music are blended into a production whose clean, elegant look is uncommonly fresh and involving. I've never seen a handsomer Brecht revival."
- Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal 1/8/10

Lady Windemere's Fan Review "...the designers give the physical world of the play a beautiful finish. Peter West's fading afternoon light for the opening scene lingers in the memory"
- Peter Marks, Washington Post

"...Peter West made Weeks's images glare..."
- Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Village Voice

"For his part, West created with a varied lighting design that easily matched the play's shifting moods."
- David Barbour, Entertainment Design Magazine

He Sees the Light - and Changes It
- Sheridan Hill, Fall 2003 Guilford College Magazine

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