Light and Shade, Flash and Splash Startle in Weeks's Work

by Eva Yaa Asantewaa
March 23rd, 2004 7:30 AM

Delirious Dance Co.
Puffin Room

Choreographer Edisa Weeks added three edgy dreams to her repertory. In Field of Shadows, her shadow, manipulated by interactive techie Luibo Borissov, breaks away to dance on its own. Often the flesh-and-blood dancer could only watch as she was compellingly upstaged by her own stark black, frog-like silhouette. She Loves Me presented a nuclear family scenario of anger and infanticide. Lighting designer Peter West made Weeks's images glare like warningsóthe yellow dress, the white handbag, the flash of a butcher's knife. Some splashy partnering, taken out of context, could be reinserted into any mainstream dance show, just as we'd hear the Patsy Cline and Martha Reeves love songs quite differently elsewhere. Here, Weeks and Andrew Vaughn's grappling felt aggressive and controlling although, because they looked and danced so fine, just short of startling. The enigmatic trio Turning Point could, with patience and imagination, be read as a nightmare of hospitalization.

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